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About Prize4Life

The Story of Prize4Life’s Establishment

Prize4Life was founded in 2007 by Avichai Kremer, who was diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), and a group of friends whose objective was to accelerate ALS research.

Prize4Life is a results-oriented non-profit organization with the mission of finding innovative and ground-breaking treatments and cures for ALS.

This is done in several ways:

  • Inducement prize model – Prize4Life offers significant prizes for measurable achievements solving critical research problems and issues that are preventing the discovery of an effective ALS treatment.
  • Financing research and ALS studies
  • Expanding resources by attracting “new minds” from various disciplines, publicizing the fight against ALS, increasing awareness of this terrible disease and fundraising.

The Prize4Life concept is inspired by known prize awards approach for stimulating research, such as the X-Prize for commercial space travel. These programs attract and accelerate research and development by offering prizes for measurable achievements. In this way, Prize4Life aspires to supplement and complement existing resources by attracting new minds, funds, and media to the battle against ALS.

In addition to offering prizes of millions of dollars, Prize4Life makes great efforts to raise money. These resources will go towards increasing awareness of this terminal disease, and will fund ALS research with the hope that those efforts will lead to an effective treatment.


Prize4Life – Doing the Impossible-Possible. Finding a cure for ALS

Through Prize4Life, Avichai Kremer realizes his vision: prove that hope is stronger than fear; awareness leads to funding, which leads to research, which will have one result: victory over the disease.
Prize4Life is committed to the highest ethical code. We operate with full disclosure and integrity and comply with all rules and regulations. The organization promises that all funds that it raises will be dedicated to its declared mission.

As a results-oriented organization, we consistently strive for excellence, and increasing levels of competence and efficiency in our work.

We operate with a sense of mission and implementation of an important goal: to fulfill the vision of the organization.

We realize our responsibility in changing the current conditions, and in our ability and obligation of finding better treatments for ALS patients in Israel and all over the world.


People Behind the Organization

Prize4Life Team

Shay Rishoni
Iris Perl
Avichai (Avi) Kremer
Founder & Executive Director USA
Yael Preminger
Director of Marketing & Resource Development
Dr. Noa Davis
Chief Scientific Officer
Idit Ron
Scientific Manager
Sarit Kremer
Administrative Manager
Yehuda Snir
ALS Mobile analyzer Project Manager
Shani Zeevi bar-David
Business Development and Economic Marketing Coordinator

Board of Directors

Danna Perlman
Danna Perlman
Ran Eliaz
Ran Eliaz
Hava Bar Shay
Hava Bar Shay
Vered Levy-Ron
Vered Levy-Ron
Igal Halasz
Igal Halasz
Neta Zach. PhD
Neta Zach
Prof. Varda Shalev, MD MPH
Director of the institute of research and innovation Maccabitech
Ariel Zeevi (Arik)
Ariel Zeevi
Nava Swersky Sofer
Nava Swersky Sofer
Yael Arad
Yael Arad
Anat Kerem-Angel
Anat Kerem-Angel

Scientific Advisory Board

Marc Gotkine M.B.B.S
SAB Member
Leonard van den Berg , M.D., Ph.D.
SAB Member
Orla Hardiman M.D.
SAB Member
Roger Korenberg, Ph.D
SAB Member
Jay Kranzler M.D., Ph.D
SAB Member
Michal Preminger
SAB Member
Jeremy M. Shefner
SAB Member



8 Vardia st. apt. 61 Haifa @Avi Kremer

Tel: 054-3031271

Fax: 077-8969614


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