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ALS Mobile Analyzer

The ALS Mobile Analyzer

The ALS Mobile Analyzer is designed for people diagnosed with ALS and their caregivers. The app is used to monitor the progression of the disease, with the goal of improving patient care, advancing ALS research and improving clinical trial design.

ALS Mobile Analyzer

Why – The Need

ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a cruel neurodegenerative disease with no cure. It leads to progressive paralysis and typically results in death within 3-5 years. Because ALS progression differs from patient to patient, it is very difficult to develop and test novel treatments.

The only way to measure ALS progression today is by using a questionnaire, called the ALS Functional Rating Scale-Revised (ALSFRS-R). But to participate in the questionnaire, patients have to reach a clinic with a trained ALS specialist and answer questions about their ability to speak, walk, breath, dress, and so on. This method has some serious limitations:

  • It requires a visit to the clinic, which is costly and usually physically difficult, and therefore not readily adopted, leaving patients unmonitored.
  • The questionnaire is highly subjective, both from the viewpoint of the interviewer (the clinician) and the interviewee (it might be the patient, a family member or professional caregiver), so the collected data are inconsistent, making the testing of ALS treatments very challenging.
  • There is no single repository that stores the collected data.

Together, these and other factors are a major barrier today to finding a cure for ALS.

Prize4Life is seeking to develop a cheaper and more accurate way to track ALS progression. The organization has begun work on a clinically approved smartphone-based application that monitors patients in their natural environment to collect objective, ongoing, comprehensive daily-life status data. The data will be collected using sensors and analyzed by advanced algorithms. Further research and development is required to improve the app’s functions and funds are being sought to continuously monitor patients’ functionalities, to create a database to store all patients’ results anonymously and to analyze the data collected. The newly created database can then serve as an excellent resource for ongoing research and as an ultimate tool to accompany clinical trials and drug development.

Where – The Location

Prize4Life is located in in Israel, and app development is done in Israel. However, initial data analysis and further research will attract data scientists and researchers from around the world – and the end-products will benefit ALS patients worldwide.

How  – Project Description

Prize4Life is a non-profit organization with the mission of accelerating the development of effective treatments and a cure for ALS. It was founded and is managed by ALS patients who have assumed the responsibility for fighting the disease and for affecting the destiny of future patients, though they will not be able to benefit personally from new developments.

A new approach

Prize4Life has launched a smartphone-based data acquisition application (app) – the ALS Mobile Analyzer – to replace the existing, FDA-approved subjective questionnaire with an objective measurement. The app lets patients perform simple motor tasks and tracks how they complete them. It is cheaper, continuous and more accurate than the questionnaire, and will be pooled into a single repository. The app was awarded the prestigious Genesis Generation Prize.

Prize4Life is now seeking to add further functions to the app, including passive data collection that will use the smartphone’s sensors without patient involvement. The information collected by the app for each patient will ultimately be used to create a database, the largest of its kind in the world, that will serve researchers and pharma companies in their clinical trials as well as contributing to the ever-evolving care of the ALS patients.

Moreover, it is likely that future generations of the app can be extended to monitor and  improve patient care of other neurodegenerative disease and the elderly population.



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