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ALS Assistive Technology Hackathon at Microsoft New England Research and Development Center 1 Memorial Dr, Cambridge, MA 02142, USA

Registration deadline was extended to September 28



ALS Assistive Technology: From Idea to Prototype

If you answer “yes!” to these questions, then you should join the ALS Assistive Technology Hackathon:

  1. Do you want to be one of the students that have left hackathons with a new motivation to learn and create?
  2. Will it excite you to engage with people who are building things that blow your mind, and get access to technology you would never interact with in day-to-day life?

What is this hackathon?

The hackathon will bring students and makers, together with ALS patients, clinicians and technology experts to work towards designing novel, effective and accessible technological solutions that could have a transformative effect on the day-to-day lives of ALS patients, their families and care givers.

What will be the prize?

The winning projects will be selected by a team of ALS patients, clinicians, business and technology experts. Each of the winning teams will receive a monetary prizes of $1000 and the opportunity and additional funding to further develop their idea.

How will the idea become a prototype?

Following the hackathon, the teams will work together to refine their solutions by discussions with patients, clinicians and technological experts. Then, the teams will perform a demo to a panel of experts. The three best teams will be chosen and each will receive a $5000 funding for the development of a prototype. The final contest will take place on June 2018 and the best technology will be awarded by a $10,000 prize.

The midnight’s Pizza is on us! You just have to bring the passion, excitement, and ideas to this hackathon. You never know, it might change ALS patients’ life.

Our Experts

Sabrina Paganoni
Jay Beavers
Melanie Leitner
Dexter Ang
Seward Rutkove
James Berry
Matan Koch
Andrew Miller
Jackie Miller
Kevin Caves
Steve Saling
Shay Rishoni
Bobbi Forster
David Binder
Conor Walsh
Katherine Burke
Jordan Green
Michal Preminger
George Lister



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