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Why Prizes?

Large prizes can attract attention to the most critical problems that needed to be addressed for the development of an effective treatment for ALS. Prizes can help bridge the gap between academic research and the pharmaceutical industry and allow academic ideas to become viable for patient treatment. Prize are a highly effective way to overcome the substantial obstacles that the pharmaceutical industries face in finding a cure for ALS.
Prize4Life brings together academic research and the pharmaceutical industry worldwide in search of an effective treatment for ALS. Prize4Life does this by rewarding results – results that ALS patients in Israel and all over the world desperately need.

Prize4Life’s Innovative Approach to Finding a Cure for ALS

Like the rest of the ALS community, Prize4Life believes that the existing resources: human, financial, and informational are not enough, and that by indirectly increasing the resources devoted to cures and treatments for ALS, we can help speed up the identification of novel treatments and cures.

Prize4Life has chosen to focus our efforts on the gap between academic research and the industry. That gap, also known as the valley of death, is where the vast majority of ALS academic studies fail to become a product that can benefit patients. This gap exists for many diseases, it is exceptionally wide for ALS because very basic drug development tools are still missing for ALS and not enough is known about the mechanism(s) of the disease. Prize4Life hopes to use the incentive prize model, as well as other leveraging efforts, to help focus attention and resources on the research challenges that, once overcome, could open the door to extensive interest and investment from drug companies and have the greatest impact for ALS patients.

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