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Daddy Lost His Strength


Daddy Lost His Strength


“Dad is not coming” is a journey of family, told through Raz’s innocent eyes, Shay’s youngest son.
It is a life journey alongside dealing with the father’s illness, which is inspiring due to choosing life and finding meaning  even under the most challenging situation. The story is flooding emotions such as fear, anger, shame and also pride, hope and love.
Raz asks many questions about the way his father is coping with the disease, and learns new meanings for concepts such as strength and bravery.

The book is based on a true story, and the joint work on the book by family members was part of the family own journey. Each family shapes its personal story when dealing with a crisis such as a serious illness, depending on the way it sees life and its coping style. However, through the sensitive eyes of Raz and through his questions and thoughts we are getting the possibility to observe intersections, dilemmas and joint stops. This exciting book illustrates in a child simplicity complex and challenging struggles . The story illustrated very bright and wonderful, and shows accessories such as a ventilator and a wheelchair as  part of daily life.


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“Daddy Lost His Strength” is the name of a book written by Shay Rishoni, an ALS patient and his nine year old son. “The book is the story of our family’s experience alongside my disease,” said Shay, “Raz understands the state that disease is expected to reach, and understands that there is nothing to be done”

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