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Inspiring Lecture By Shay Rishoni


Inspiring Lecture By Shay Rishoni

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Shay’s lecture: “Making the impossible, possible” – Triumph of the human spirit
Shay Rishoni’s, CEO of prize4life, fascinating lecture on technology and brave struggles with challenges.
Despite being paralyzed and on a respirator, Shay is working energetically to accelerate the research of the disease and finding a cure or a treatment as well as the development of assistive technology for patients.

Shay describes what it means to live from the perception of “victory is a way of life” while “Life Is Good”.
Shay explains how he runs an organization and a team around the world communicating only with his eyes.
Despite the paralysis, the ALS patient’s brain remains in-tact. Shay describes how it is possible to act as an entrepreneur, initiator and an active participant in the development of innovative and advanced technologies to help patients communicate with their surroundings and improve their quality of life.
He talks about how he supports new and existing patients and their families through social networking, meetings and events, in which he  is an active participant of the production.
What does it mean and how to communicate with donors and volunteers.
Along, Shay is having active family life, he lectures at international conferences and travel in the country and the world despite every time, getting out requires caring of complex and sensitive equipment.

His fatal disease and having to cope with difficult challenges does not stop him for a moment, on the contrary, Shay believes that “when things get difficult one should lift up his head and not his hands”.
Shay’s actions, and motivations inspire the listeners and and cause them to appreciate and understand that where there’s a will there is a wish. Determination, optimism and faith in a way, enables dealing with difficulties, especially when looking at the positive aspects and appreciate every moment in life.

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