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Project MinE

Discover the Genetic Basis of ALS – Find a cure

Project MinE is an international groundbreaking genetic ALS research to understand the genetic basis of ALS and to ultimately find a cure for this devastating, fatal neuromuscular disease. With the participation of 17 countries, Project MinE aims to analyse the DNA of at least 15,000 ALS patients and 7,500 control subjects. The resulting 22,500 DNA profiles will be compared.

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Genetics and the ALS disease

We know that there are multiple (genetic) factors that contribute to people developing ALS and that oftentimes it is a complex combination of these (genetic) factors that leads to someone getting ill. Because of this complexity, it is imperative for us to compare as many DNA profiles from people with ALS with control subjects as possible. This will allow us to come to a better understanding of the genetic causal effect on an individual developing ALS and ultimatelyhelp find a cure!

Project MinE

Project MinE Venture

ALS patients like to do the impossible. Two dutch  ALS patients have established an unprecedented initiative – ALS patients worldwide are working together to raise the necessary funding and patiants in order to implement the project refered as “Project MinE- make it yours”.

Each donor contributes partial or complete genetic testing  for ALS patient – all the money (100%) is transferred to the genetic tests themselves.

The initiative has spread to 17 countries including USA, UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, France, Turkey and others.

The initiative is expected to create a revolution in the understanding of the ALS  genetics and lead to a significant breakthrough in the development of a cure for ALS, and to save the lives of people, which currently are locked-in while the clock is ticking …

Israel and Project MinE

In Israel, the initiative is beeing led by “Prize4Life”  who’s Chairman, Shay Rishoni is an  ALS patient himself.

It is important to ensure that the Israeli ALS patients will be part of the project.

Israeli will participate with 150 ALS patients, and 75 healthy as comparison. This patients have no family background and their genetic background is unknown today – in fact it will be the first time there will be anything known at all on the basis of their condition!

It is important to have Israeli patients participate in this international project. Israel known as having unique and distinct roots with different genetics from the rest of the world, and it is important to understand the genetic basis of the Israeli ALS patients . This understanding would promote future ALS cure development and ensure that the Israeli ALS patients will benefit from it as well.

The Israeli Team

Professor Vivian Drori – Director of the ALS clinic at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center.

Dr. Mark Gutkin – Director of the ALS clinic at Hadassah Medical Center.

Dr. Idit Ron PhD, is a Scientific Manager at Prize4Life and is responsible for the Israeli Project MinE activities.



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